Home Staging to Sell Lake Whatcom Houses Quickly

Unexpected Secrets of Home Staging Help Sell Bellingham WA Homes

High-level home staging can help make a quick sale of your Lake Whatcom home in Bellingham. Research shows that a property that is staged sells 88% more quickly and at a 20% higher cost than non-staged homes. Local real estate agent Derek Worchel has discovered many of the secrets of finding the right buyer. Home staging is a significant factor in selling, whether you live in the Silver Beach area or near Queen Elizabeth Park. Creating an appealing ambiance with home smells like cookies or something else irresistible is just one part of home staging.

An understanding about buyer psychology can impact home staging in a way that makes a big difference in a successful home sale, as well. Contact me, Derek Worchel, today at (360) 389-7988. You are also welcome to stop by the office located at 2211 Rimland Drive Suite 124.

Boost Home Staging with a Focus on Storytelling

Even if I’m working with the seller of a Lake Whatcom home in Bellingham, I always take time to focus my thoughts on the mindset of potential buyers. A helpful consideration is why people buy in a particular area. Stage the home as though you are telling a story in which the likely home buyer is the star. In a beautiful area of Bellingham such as Silver Beach, there is a good chance the home buyers have an appreciation for nature and being active. Being bogged down in a home that is cluttered and in need of repair is not the right story to tell. Instead of rooms with extreme colors that are tailor-made for the particular tastes of current owners, make a change to neutral colors. It may be necessary to remove or cover wall paper. Removing clutter and ensuring that spaces throughout the home allow for freedom of movement helps tell the story that a home is not burdensome. The more easily buyers can envision themselves and their own furniture in the home, the better.

Create an Updated Look in your Lake Whatcom Home for Sale

The furniture in a Lake Whatcom home for sale can have the effect of disrupting the favorable story a home may be telling a potential buyer. If the draperies are heavy, the furniture is dark and/or frayed, and the walls are largely covered with family photos, rooms can feel closed-in and off-putting. It’s much better when a Bellingham home for sale has a fresh feeling, to create a welcoming atmosphere for buyers. This is why family heirlooms are often swapped for modern or funky furniture, as part of home staging. Something as seemingly simple as switching out plumbing fixtures can be a major selling point for a Lake Whatcom home for sale.

Today, many buyers of homes for sale in Bellingham are looking for spa-like bathrooms. Knowing that this is currently a strong selling point, sellers will benefit from making small changes that create that type of ambiance.

Home staging tips are among the many benefits of hiring an experienced local real estate agent. Call me, Derek Worchel, at (360) 389-7988 for help selling or buying a home in Bellingham.

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My goal is to be your single resource for all your real estate needs. If you are looking for a Bellingham real estate agent who knows the Whatcom property market better than any other, contact me today to discuss how I can help you.

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My goal is to be your single resource for all your Real Estate needs. If you are looking for a Bellinghm Real Estate agent who knows the Whatcom property market better than any other, contact me today to discuss how I can help you.

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