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Thank you for your interest in working with our clients regarding a preferred equity offering or direct acquisition of limited service and luxury hotel real estate. Our goal is to connect our clients with top performing owners for what we call a “win-win scenario” for all.


All Services Real Estate (ASRE) takes pride in offering you a process that is more straightforward than what you may encounter on a typical private equity transaction. Working hand in hand with our clients, we have developed a streamlined process that takes approximately 4 weeks or less to produce a Letter of Intent (LOI).

Immediately within the first two weeks, ASRE will engage our in-house financial analyst to perform a high-level overview of your financials and conduct two brief rounds of questions, after which, we will then present your deal to one of our clients that best fits the deal scope.

You will know within one week if the preselected client has interest and wants to move forward.

If we proceed, there will be approximately two additional rounds of questions before a LOI is submitted to you. Once the LOI is submitted, due-diligence will begin in earnest.

This straightforward approach requires no committees or long deliberations. Deals will be submitted for initial review directly to C-Suite management for consideration. If approved, the deal heads to the Principal’s desk for further review, consideration, and ultimate execution of the LOI. Our clients have a strong reputation for closing quickly on the right deals.

Deal criteria that fits the below parameters are more likely to close.

Primary markets include Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and San Diego. Other areas will be considered, but these primary markets will be prioritized.

Limited service hotels that do not feature in-house restaurants or pools, but rather have limited sized lobby, complimentary light breakfast, and ‘box like’ structures designed for maximum occupancy are highest on the list. Other hotel types will be considered, but these limited service types are ideal.

Our client is open to portfolio deals as well as single property opportunities that feature brand names. Such brand name examples include, but are not limited to the following:

Hampton Inn
Marriott Courtyard
Hilton Garden Inn
Embassy Suites

Motels (La Quinta, Days Inn, etc.)
Suite/long term stay hotels (with repositioning play in right location)

On the other end of the spectrum, within the same primary markets, our clients are also seeking luxury hotels. These branded names include, but are not limited to the Ritz Carlton, Fairmont, and St. Regis. Landmark hotels and certain status hotels will also fit this niche profile. Both portfolio and stand-alone properties will both be considered.

We would like to make this process as smooth, short, and transparent as possible. For this reason, we have created two forms below that will allow you to download the necessary documents to initiate the process of working with ASRE and our clients.

When clicked, the first form/button (“Deal Contract”) will provide you with a standard contract to be signed between you and ASRE. Reasonable changes will be considered. ASRE’s standard, industry tested rates are stated and outlined in this contract. If you have concerns, please redline and send to us for consideration.

Please note that this contract is a Non-Circumvent contract; it in no way is exclusive. This means you cannot circumvent All Services Real Estate and work directly with our clients. However, it does allow you to find other interested parties and brokers to help service your needs.

The second form/button (“Investment Questionnaire”), outlines the initial documents necessary for our approach while also asking high level questions that will need to be answered for a successful pitch on your behalf.

Please prioritize submitting contract questions first so we can agree on our terms and conditions before engaging our time discussing the opportunity.

Both ASRE and our clients are open and willing to sign Confidentiality Agreements before documents trade hands. If you require further assurances, we can set up a “view-only” deal room using a secure cloud storage solution of your choice, where documents can only be viewed, but not downloaded, by the selected parties.

ASRE is available throughout the week plus weekends to answer calls, emails, and schedule meetings. Our main point of contact for ASRE is Derek Worchel who prides himself on being available any day of the week morning or night. He encourages interested parties to contact him directly at (360) 389 7988 or Any questions or concerns will be answered promptly and transparently, so we welcome the contact.

We thank you again for your consideration and are looking forward to helping you experience what we call a “win-win scenario” for all.


Derek Worchel

Derek Worchel

Member Manager
Cell: (360) 389 7988

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