The Speakeasy For Off Market Deals

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone brought you deals that fit your exact deal profile?

That was our purpose when creating our Off-Market deal network. We wanted a simple way to produce the right result for the right client. By profiling your deal type in the form below, we can source only the deals you want to see.

Our reputation is built on delivering Off-Market opportunities that match your deal niche.

How we do it?

Our database or ‘databank’ networking system is our secret. We have a robust database of Owners and Developers providing us with Off-Market opportunities.

Filling out the form below will allow us to funnel opportunities that match your unique preferences. When an Off-Market opportunity comes our way, we notify you via the information you input into the form below.

To be respectful of your time, a deal folder will be prepared prior to any discussions. After you have reviewed, we will invite you to participate in a high-level discussion going over your questions. You will then be able to make a quick decision regarding interest in the project.

Why fill out the form below?

Using the form below, please fill out your preferred criteria, and our system will notify us when a deal aligns with your priorities. Accurately completing the form below is critical to determining which deals we invite you to preview.

What happens when you get a deal match?

When we find you the right deal, an email will be sent to the information provided. The email will invite you to a deal folder. If interested, we schedule a high-level discussion regarding potential interest that goes over the details.

Since ASRE caters exclusively to Off-Market deals, an NDA may be asked to keep all information confidential.

Will my contact information be safe?

Yes. We keep all of your information confidential and on a secure network. Your information will only be passed to relevant parties with your express permission.

Other than contacting you for deals, ASRE only reaches out twice a year to ensure your deal profile and contact information has not changed. If your criteria preferences change, please contact us to update your profile.

When are you available to us?

ASRE takes pride in having off hour availability between 9am to 9pm Monday through Saturday. To help close deals in a time sensitive manner, we work weekends and holidays.

Next steps

If you feel being a valued partner in our network would help you, please fill out the form below with your preferred deal type(s).

Should you feel the need to talk further, please reach out to Derek Worchel at (360) 389 7988 or via email,